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WordPress Portfolio Theme

  • AJAX
  • fullPage.js
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • SCSS
  • smoothState.js
  • WordPress

This project is the website itself. I used mainly HTML, SCSS, PHP, jQuery, GSAP, Fullpage.js, SmoothState.js, and WordPress to create this portfolio website. For the transitions on the website, I used SmoothState.js to access pages with Ajax so that some elements can stay on all pages and a few of them that I wanted to animate only changed into new contents. I used Ajax because I wanted to make the website look like an app, so the website is a single-page application. What I struggled with was understanding how SmoothState.js does Ajax. How SmoothState makes the website look like SPA was complicated, and some codes are a bit messed up. However, it was an excellent opportunity to make a WordPress theme with Ajax-like animations. For future improvement, I will re-write codes more efficiently or use the SPA JS framework, such as React with WP API, to keep the data and change only the surface.

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