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Your Todo

  • Firebase
  • React
  • React Strap

This web application is a simple to-do app that users can log in and save their data with Firebase’s real-time database so that every user in this app can see only the to-do lists they added.

The purpose of building this web app is to get used to React and Firebase without any tutorials. I have been learning modern JavaScript, such as ES6 and famous Js Frameworks. I decided to use React to make SPA (Single Page Application) and Firebase to store the data because both are simple and easy to learn. What I struggled with was using functions only used for Firebase. However, there are many ways to work with Firebase, such as different npm modules. However, some of them were old, or Google did not recommend other ways. Eventually, I found the best way to make it works, and I could make this app. I will keep making other apps by using modern JavaScript technologies, such as Redux, Next.js, React Hooks.

Future Development

– Use Redux or Hooks

– Use more functions provided by firebase

– Develop Form to sing up and in

– Use other APIs

– Improve code quality

Project List